December 5, 2017 Optimum_me

Dubai enhances global appeal

For the first time, Dubai now ranks among the world’s Top 30 Cities in terms of commercial real estate activity, adding yet another recognition to its string of laurels.

Property consultant JLL’s annual Global Cities Ranking, ‘Global300′ survey, ranked the city 27th out of the 300 cities surveyed.

“Dubai has moved up the ranking in each successive year from 36th place in 2014 highlighting the city’s growing global influence and efforts to boost corporate attraction ahead of Expo 2020,” JLL said in its survey report. The survey focused on evaluating 300 cities that are centered on commercial real estate activity. Already at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday life, Dubai is about to fulfill its vision of becoming the World’s Smartest City by 2021, and ultimately the Happiest City in the world.


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Source: Khaleej Times


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